Monday, March 7, 2011

NEW running shoes! And day 7

Ok everyone, I give you.......... new shoes!! Today's run was fantastic...3 full miles. My
feet feel great, and tomorrow I am getting fitted for custom insoles, so hopefully they will feel even better!

So, Day 7 of the blog challenge is supposed to be my favorite possession. This is a hard one for me. If we are talking about the first thing I would grab if my house was on fire, it would be my dog and photo albums. Pictures from my childhood, high school, and college are priceless in my opinion.

Question: is my dog a possession?I don't consider him an "item", but if he is, then duh, he is my most treasured possession! Love my Tuff!

My car also has to make this list, because it is the first thing that I bought and paid for all by myself. Now that it is getting a little older, I sometimes wish for a new vehicle. Then I think about the extra money I have every month with no car payment...and I realize I can handle the old Explorer for a few more years!

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