Sunday, March 6, 2011

Days 5 and 6

Oops...I skipped a day. It's very hard to plug in to the real world while I'm escaping civilization here at the lake. I will do better, I promise! Day 5...a picture of my favorite memory:

I have A LOT of favorite memories...high school was a blast, Vegas is always an adventure...but if I had to pick one "memory", it would have to be the road trip I took across the country with (guess who) Laci. We drove from Texas all the way to South Dakota, then hopped on a plane and went to Canada for 5 days. I fell in love with the people and the country in general, and cannot wait to go back again! Here are a few pics from the roadtrip of a lifetime. Enjoy!! :)

Somewhere in Colorado, I think
We took a tour of the Coors Brewery. Yes, we were in heaven.

We almost ran out of gas in Wyoming. There is NOTHING for miles and miles

On the balcony of our hotel in Deadwood, South Dakota. One of the coolest places I have ever been!

We had so much fun in Deadwood, our one night stop there turned into 3 nights! This was an awesome bar/casino there, and we met these very cool guys.

We finally DID make it to Canada, and met some amazing wild horse racers.

These guys taught us how to bet on the chuckwagon races and how to drink Canadian rye whiskey!

So there are a few photos from our roadtrip. The best part about it is that the Canadians that we met have invited us back this summer for their hometown rodeo! We are (hopefully!) going back in June to stay with them for a whole week! I can already hear the music from the beer gardens and the carnival rides calling my name!! :)

Day 6...a pic of a person I would love to trade places with for a day. Here it is:

Who wouldn't want to be Carrie Underwood?? Gorgeous, talented, and rich...and married to a hot hockey player. Heck. Yeah.

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  1. that looks like an amazingly fun time!!!!
    hope u have a nice week!

    <3 megan