Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Day 2 Challenge!

Thanks to Cait for starting this! Link up and join in the fun!

Today's challenge is a picture of me and the person I have been closest with the longest. Most of these pics are old, but I love them anyway...

Allow me to introduce you to my best friend:

In high school here...

You like my see through shirt? I'm hoping thats a swimsuit under there

Freshmen in college...I think?

Fantastic night...hahaha

In another bar somewhere...

On the slots in Deadwood, SD

A great quote that we love:

And the one that we both take to heart!

I could go on and on about how she is my best friend, I couldn't live without her, and all that jazz. The truth is, we have been through 14 years of friendship. High school, college, and beyond. Countless boyfriends and relationships. Other friends have drifted away and we're still as close as ever. We've traveled to 8 states and 2 countries together. We get on each others nerves and fight like sisters. And I love her possibly more than anyone else in the world. :) Love you LJ!


  1. Ummmmm, so about your quotes. . .you might want to re-visit #5 from yesterday's post!! ;) jk

  2. finding that one true friend is a special thing! you are so lucky to have her in your life!