Friday, February 25, 2011

Fill in the blank Friday!

Thanks Danielle!!

1. I am currently obsessed with ...Strawberry Powerade Zero. I discovered it by accident last week and bought our local grocery store out of it 2 nights ago. I've tried to keep it to one per day, and I usually drink it right after I run. I LOVE IT!!
2. Today I am annoyed shoulder is KILLING me. I tried to play with my 8th graders yesterday (I'm a volleyball coach) and hit a few balls and was a little sore last night. THEN I hit at my 6th and 7th graders this morning, thinking I might be able to work the soreness out, but it only made it worse. Getting older SUCKS.
3. The age I am is 25 and the age I feel is ??? If you ask my feet and my shoulder, they will tell you they feel 60. But my energy level has increased drastically since I started running, and I feel great!

4. My favorite place is ...this is a hard one. Probably the lake when we have all of our friends and family there. You just can't beat a glass of wine, guitar playing, and good company while you're sitting on the deck at the lakehouse. In case you can't tell, spring break can't come soon enough!!

5. Something I have been procrastinating is cleaning my car out. I swear my backseat is under all that junk somewhere, I just need to find it! Oh and I could make a very fluffy pillow with all of the Tuff hair that is in there...

6. The last thing I purchased was a red bull this morning...last night was a late night and I knew I would need it sometime today!

7. The thing I love most about my home is that it's always warm and comfortable. It may not be spotless, but I know at the end of the day I can relax on the couch with my 2 favorite boys and enjoy the simple fact of being home... 

8. What are your plans for the weekend?I don't even have a weekend this time...track meet tomorrow, and working for a little while on Sunday. Can March 11th PLEASE hurry up and get here??????? :)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Outdoor Obstacles

So, I will admit it. I was more than a little scared to do my running this weekend while we were at the lake. Literally, as I was driving in on Saturday, I was evaluating the path that I knew I would be jogging and saying things to my dog like, "Well, this hill is gonna be a fun one", and "Maybe I should turn around before I have to run up this small mountain." Eventually, Sunday morning rolled around and I was surprised to find that I was actually looking forward to getting outside and seeing how it was going to be. Or maybe I just wanted to get it over with. Whatever. I was awake before anyone else, so I changed and was lacing up my shoes when Seth drug himself into the living room. This is how the conversation went:
Me: "Good morning!"
Seth: "Why are you awake?" (Grumpy voice)
Me: "I'm going to run. I told you I was going to."
Seth: "Well, I didn't think you were serious. You always talk about relaxing at the lake. Running is the opposite of relaxing. (Still grumpy. Like he's mad because I'm going to run. WTH??)
Me: "I really want to keep up this workout I've been doing. Want to come with me?"
Seth: (Blank stare...) "You are REALLY running right now?
Me: "YES." (I'm hooking Tuff up to his leash, Seth is still staring at me like I'm crazy.)
Seth: "Seriously???"
Me: "I'm going now. If I'm not back in 30 minutes come pick me up off the side of the road."
Seth: "Seriously??"...

So I started my first 8 minutes, and ran in the direction of a cove that is about a mile down the road from the house. With a few hills in between, I actually did better than I expected...Tuff wasn't happy with me because he couldn't stop and pee on every stump and bush though. So during my first walking interval, I unhooked his leash so he could go explore. Bad idea. As we rounded the curve and the cove came into view, I noticed about 8 deer on the bank. Guess who else noticed them? See, Tuff doesn't just start chasing things on a whim. He thinks it's a game if other animals run from him. So they hightailed it for the fence and he ran after them. I yelled and chased until he finally came back to me, tail wagging and tongue hanging out with a big grin on his face. By this time, my 2 minute walking interval had been spent splashing in 45 degree water and jumping over driftwood trying to keep my dog in sight. So we hiked back to the road (leash securely fastened) and started the next 8 minute jog. About halfway through, Tuff was dragging behind me and trying to wriggle out of his collar, so I reached down and unhooked the leash again. I reached the cattle guard, which is about a mile and a half from the house, and turned around. Tuff was keeping up pretty well as we rounded the curve by the cove again. No deer in sight this time, and as I looked at the mist coming off of the water, it occurred to me that I was actually ENJOYING this. I wasn't checking my watch every 30 seconds or thinking about how bad my feet hurt. I felt good!! As I finished and got closer to the house, I felt really good about spending the rest of the day relaxing, and I realized I might actually be looking forward to running again tomorrow morning. What the heck is happening to me????? Monday's run was actually better, because I decided to leave Tuff sleeping so I could focus on nothing else but my running. Here's what I found out:

1. Running downhill is FUN.
2. Running uphill SUCKS.
3. There are LOTS of animals to addition to the deer, I saw turkey and raccoons.
4. Running uphill SUCKS!!

So, I feel like I overcame a little bit of my fear of running outside. I still don't feel like running outside today...maybe it's because there is nothing to look at here in Flatland. I do know, however, that when Spring Break rolls around (12 school days!!), I am now looking forward to running at the lake instead of thinking of excuses to get out of it!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Corgi Camera!

I thought I would share a few pics of my Tuff today...he is such a great dog!!
Tuff relaxing after a hard day! Ha!!

We LOVE the lake...

And the pond...actually any water. Here he is chasing the ducks! Haha

Modeling in front of the fireplace at Christmas

Look at that smile! On the deck at the lakehouse, one of our favorite places to relax!

In the bluebonnets at the lake last spring...

Another lake pic...he likes to explore the bank and see what he can find!

A baking mishap...told you I couldn't bake. I was trying to knead bread dough, and I knocked the spoon with flour on it off of the counter. Luckily, Tuff's head caught most of it! Lol

Chasing more ducks...

Fetching a stick at the lake...

First snow this winter! He's not a big his mom, he would rather be on the water.

This is his lakehouse stinks like wet dog and lake water because this is where he passes out after a long day of swimming!

Tuff and one of his best friends, Sadie. This is a GIGANTIC chair that our friends got as a wedding present.
(Sadie May is a Weimaraner...Tuff is in love with her!)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Today's running motivation

Today's run was pretty good. I ran for 22 minutes, walking 90 seconds twice. This is not anywhere near the runs of the other bloggers that I am following, but if you would have told me a month ago I would have been able to do this today, I might have laughed at you. I really want to be able to do a 5k this summer...maybe if I stay on this track I will be able too. Of course, I will have to get over my hatred of the outdoors...actually, I LOVE being outside (especially on a day like today...84 degrees! perfect) as long as I'm not running. Walking my dog, playing sand volleyball, or doing any activity on the lake makes me happy. So WHY does my body go into super stress mode when I try to jog a mile and a half around my school? It's a mental block, I know...but I still hate it.

Speaking of the lake, THAT is my motivation for running for the next 3 1/2 weeks. That's right...16 more school days till Spring Break!! Although I won't be doing any of this...
(Not me...I wish!)

I WILL be doing plenty of this...

Teenage Girl Sunbathing On Raft At Lake

At the lakehouse. Reading, sleeping, eating (not too much!) and drinking the week away with these 2

awesome girls!

We might drink some of these...

And we will watch some of this...

Yes, it's Gossip Girl. Don't judge...

So, there's my motivation. I don't want to look like a beached whale while we are laying out on the dock...and I'm determined to keep my running routine up while I'm there. The only problem? There isn't a gym within 20 miles. I will be forced to run outside, and I'm not gonna like it. AND it's not the flat-see everything for 50 miles-watch your dog run away for 3 days terrain of West Texas. Oh no, this is hills and trees and humidity galore. Shoot me now. But I suppose I can sacrifice 30 minutes per day...because the other 23 1/2 hours will be pure bliss!

Tuff at the lake, a couple summers ago. He was asleep in this chair and looked exhausted, so we propped this bottle up next to him!! I love him!!

What's up with my title?

2 coworkers today have questioned my I think an explanation is in order. Another passion of mine I forgot to mention is Texas music. The town I live in recently got a new radio station, and all they play is Texas Country...I'm in heaven. The song my title refers to is "Threadbare Gypsy Soul" by Pat Green. It's an old Pat Green song that he released long before he sold out and went Nashville...I'm not a fan of his anymore. But this song is great...

I've got myself a threadbare gypsy soul
Likes to dance and drink and go
Wherever the wind blows.
Got a little threadbare gypsy soul
Got a little threadbare gypsy soul.

I like to hear the highway sounds,
And I don't think, I'll ever settle down.
I can't change, and it's a sin
Hope St. Peter's gonna let me in,
Come on Pete, won't you let me in...

Anyway, there are several songs I think describe my life...this one, not so much anymore. But back in my wild days my best friend and I listened to it all the time while taking random road trips to any roping or rodeo we could find...we didn't think we would ever settle down. I did, she still hasn't! (Love you Lace!)

This was taken about a year ago, in the bar of my dreams(haha) in our hometown. We grew up going to this bar, both celebrated our 21st birthdays there, and have danced on the tables more times than I can count...

Oh, one more thing...the scarletpistol is in reference to the tattoo that I probably will never get. I've always said if I get one, I want a scarlet and black pistol on my hip, with a '09 right below it. That's the year I graduated from Texas Tech...and I am a proud Red Raider and will always bleed scarlet and black!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Well, thanks to the inspiration of missredrunner and oneredhotruby, I've decided I am going to give this blogging thing a try. I've never done it before and I don't really think my life is extremely interesting, but I do love to write...and talk...a lot. So I'm going with it! I don't know how often I will write (blog), but I will give it my best...maybe. I'll start with a little bit about myself, and the things I will most likely be writing about. I am 25 years old, a teacher and a coach, I live in West Texas (heaven on Earth), and I have a pretty awesome boyfriend and extremely awesome dog. The only reason the dog goes over the boy is because he can't talk, and he always does whatever I say :) .  The boy is actually very amazing...I'm sure I will ramble on about him a lot...he deserves it. My dog is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi named Tuff...his name does not really fit him, because he is actually a princess with boy parts. He is very spoiled (my fault) and very laid back (not my fault, but I'm very thankful he has such a cool personality). He's never tried to fight other dogs or attack intruders coming into my backyard, so he isn't very "tough". But he is my baby, and anyway, I didn't name him to describe his personality, I named him after Tuff Hedeman, duh. When I get another dog, I'm going to name him Lane. Tuff Hedeman and Lane Frost, 2 of the greatest bull riders ever. Another love of mine (that I may mention from time to time) is rodeo. My best friend and I have been big fans since we were very young. Call us what you will (buckle bunnies???), the sport is awesome and the people are very cool.

Another thing I may talk about on here: My job. I teach middle school (6th-8th grade) and I have some interesting experiences. I will, however, refrain from going into too much detail or using names, since the Internet is a lawsuit waiting to happen (thanks Dad). I also LOVE LOVE LOVE to cook, so new recipes or cooking successes/failures may show up from time to time. Just know there is a major difference between cooking and baking...and I'm not so good at the latter, but I'm trying! I really like to read too...don't know how much that will make it into my blogs, but you never know. Random things...I like them.

And finally, I am going to use this blog (and hopefully some followers that I get) to keep me accountable. See, I recently rediscovered the HELL pure joy of running, again thanks to missredrunner. We discussed a couch to 5K plan one night while we were out, and the following Monday I started it. I am on Week 5 and doing much better than I thought I would. My secret to success seems to be the fact that I can get it done during school (I run during my conference period) so I'm not using my free after school time. AND I have a gym that I can run in, because (unlike you, Danielle) I absolutely hate running outside. I'm hoping to resolve this animosity between the outdoors and my running shoes, but it hasn't happened yet! Maybe someday I can blog about the joys of running in 70 degree weather up and down hills with the wind whipping through my hair (HA)...but for now I will enjoy the complete silence of the gym except for my shoes hitting the hardwood...