Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What's up with my title?

2 coworkers today have questioned my I think an explanation is in order. Another passion of mine I forgot to mention is Texas music. The town I live in recently got a new radio station, and all they play is Texas Country...I'm in heaven. The song my title refers to is "Threadbare Gypsy Soul" by Pat Green. It's an old Pat Green song that he released long before he sold out and went Nashville...I'm not a fan of his anymore. But this song is great...

I've got myself a threadbare gypsy soul
Likes to dance and drink and go
Wherever the wind blows.
Got a little threadbare gypsy soul
Got a little threadbare gypsy soul.

I like to hear the highway sounds,
And I don't think, I'll ever settle down.
I can't change, and it's a sin
Hope St. Peter's gonna let me in,
Come on Pete, won't you let me in...

Anyway, there are several songs I think describe my life...this one, not so much anymore. But back in my wild days my best friend and I listened to it all the time while taking random road trips to any roping or rodeo we could find...we didn't think we would ever settle down. I did, she still hasn't! (Love you Lace!)

This was taken about a year ago, in the bar of my dreams(haha) in our hometown. We grew up going to this bar, both celebrated our 21st birthdays there, and have danced on the tables more times than I can count...

Oh, one more thing...the scarletpistol is in reference to the tattoo that I probably will never get. I've always said if I get one, I want a scarlet and black pistol on my hip, with a '09 right below it. That's the year I graduated from Texas Tech...and I am a proud Red Raider and will always bleed scarlet and black!

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